Getting Started: Configuring/troubleshooting your e-mail software

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This guide to Configuring/troubleshooting your e-mail software will assume you already have an internet connection, whether it be dialup/intermittent, or fulltime (DSL, cable modem, ethernet, etc.), as well as at least one POP3 or IMAP4 mailbox. This page is geared towards individuals and end users.

Which e-mail software to use? Use anything that you like that meets your needs and preferences.

The first time you run your e-mail software, it should ask you to enter settings; otherwise, go to the options or preferences section of the program.

For each mailbox (, you will need the following settings (obtain from your ISP or mail provider if necessary): Troubleshooting:
  1. The biggest problem is either that users don't want to call tech support or lousy tech support. If the former, get over it; if the latter, switch ISPs. If you can't switch for whatever reason, look at the rest of the list.
  2. Find a friend, or other "local guru" who can look at your computer directly. Much easier than trying to describe stuff over the phone or e-mail (esp. if you can't send/receive e-mail!)
  3. Most problems come from incorrect entries for incoming or outgoing mail servers.
  4. The problem might also be various authentication settings.
  5. Password incorrect: ask your ISP to reset the password to something else, then change it to something else besides that.
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