Getting Started: Corporate E-mail

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This guide to setting up corpate e-mail does not assume you already have an internet connection. Nor will it instruct you on how to get connected, whether it be dialup/intermittent, or fulltime (DSL, cable modem, ethernet, etc.) It does, however, describe what setups are available.
Terminology: If all of your employees (or other users) have full time internet connections, or they all have intermittent dialup (or full-time LAN connection for last option): If you have at least one computer with a full time internet connection on your LAN, and each user is connected to your LAN: Your network has intermittent dialup, but each user is connected to your LAN: Some other important things to consider in running your own mail server: Important features to consider in choosing a mail server or examining an ISP's mail features: Individual accounts: Server features: Picking a mail client for your users:

After determining what type of server or outsourcing of mail hosting you use, you need to have your employees setup with mail clients.

Type of account:

Others types of accounts:
Above I list four standard types of accounts. There are also various proprietary account types:

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