Getting Started: Moving e-mail addresses / forwarding

If you have decided to change ISPs, jobs, etc., you may have to switch e-mail addresses. Many ISPs, however, do not offer forwarding services.

I recommend paying double for one month, and keeping the old account active. You can then both inform your correspondents of your new e-mail address, but monitor the old account for as long as you are willing to pay to keep it active.

If your e-mail program supports filters, have it filter any incoming messages sent to the old account to a separate mailbox. You can then quickly reply (esp. with stationery, such as in Eudora), with a reminder notice of your new address. Do not automatically reply, as you may not want some places to have your new address!

While some mailboxes provide forwarding, many ISPs do not provide forwarding after your account is terminated.
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