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Email Archiving

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Individuals, companies, ...

Shortcuts by Platform
Mac (and OS X), Windows, Unix/Linux, Java

Archive, Backup, Conversion
Addresses, Mailboxes, Database/HTML...
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Sending/receiving, Decoding/Expanding, Helper Applications...

Books about Email
End User, Administrators, and Technical

Eudora, Mac (and OS X), Windows, Unix/Linux, Amiga, Be, OS/2, Java, AOL, WebMail, ...

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Directories (finding someone's email address and change of address)
Web-based, Ph, LDAP, Whois, Finger, Change of Address...

Free E-mail addresses (and fee-based as well)

Servers, Clients, Utilities, Switches/Integrators

Hosting/Outsourcing Email
Addresses, Domains, Groupware, Lists/Newsletters...

Alternate languages, character sets...

Mailing List Servers and Utilities, eMail Merge (Discussion or Newsletter)
Mac, Win, Unix/Linux...

Mailing List Services (Discussion or Newsletter)
Hosting, Directories/FAQs, Archives, ListAdmin Resources

FAQs, Newsgroups, Mailing Lists, Organizations, Technical, Glossary, Links

Abuse, Anonymity, Content, Encryption, Hoax/Chain, Military Messaging, Spam, Virus...

Mac (and OS X), Win, Unix/Linux, WAP, Webmail, Java...

Specialized Messaging Systems/Servers
Cust. Resp. Mgmt., Unified Messaging, Billing/statement...

Tools (for developers/webmasters/etc)
Mac, Win, Unix/Linux, Perl...

Mac (and OS X), Win, Unix/Linux, WebMail...

End-User Sites/Utilities, Browsers, Hosting/Branding/Cobranding, Servers, Discussion Boards...

Postal, Telephone, Facsimile, and Shopping
eMailOrder, eMailman t-shirts, Telephone Facsimile Postal/Shipping...

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