Internet Address Detectors

Internet Address Detectors from Apple is a neat system for making it so that you can highlight Internet style addresses in almost any application and be able to choose what action to take with those addresses. For example, highlight in a word processing document, control-click it, and choose to go to Apple's web site. Or highlight an e-mail address in a database program, and control-click it to choose to send a message to that address.

Note that Internet Address Detectors are part of the overall Address Data Detectors from Apple. You also get Currency detectors and Location detectors. Translate a price into various denominations or find a zip code for a given city and state!

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Contents: Installation instructions:
  1. See notes below regarding Internet Scripting scripting addition (if you wish to make use of any of the actions that come with IAD that make use of Internet Config/Internet Control Panel)
  2. Download and install ADD if you haven't already
  3. Test ADD to make sure it works generally. Internet Scripting scripting addition.
Writing your own actions:
  1. Copy an action (from the "Actions" folder in "Apple Data Detectors" folder in System Folder) from the category (e-mail, newsgroup, host, ftp, http, USCityState) for which you wish to make an action.
  2. Move copy outside of Actions folder and rename it to what you want it to be named.
  3. Double click it to enter script editor. (Get AppleScript from Apple if necessary).
  4. The second line of the description (the upper window in Script Editor) will be the name that Apple Data Detectors gives this action after you install it. Currently it will be named for the script you copied; rename it with something similar to the new file name you gave this script.
  5. Edit the script to do what you want it to.
  6. Save the script.
  7. Quit Script Editor.
  8. Note: The actions you have edited will have a different icon than the unedited ones, but will still work. (If you want them to have the same icon, use ResEdit to give them creator code "std6").
  9. Danny Goodman's AppleScript Handbook, 2nd Ed. is the book to get on Applescript. Installing Actions you wrote or downloaded from elsewhere: Actions/detectors available for download:
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