Ph servers

The Ph system allows you to look up directory information, usually including e-mail addresses at universities, research institutions, and some governmental agencies throughout the world.

You need a program (a "client") that lets you use Ph. Tell your Ph client which Ph server to use, and then enter a name you would like to search for. I usually try last name first, but first name first may work as well. You can try just last name, but that may yield too many results, in which case try last name plus first initial, etc.

For Ph users:

For Ph administrators (or those wishing to set up a Ph server at their site)
Ph clients for your Mac, PC, and other machines


Windows: Other:
Ph Servers Ready to run Ph server software: Utilities/gateways:
Ph servers which maintain a list of known Ph servers: There may be more; if you find any others that return approximately 325 entries, please let me know. Also, encourage your computer administrator to have their Ph server mirror the Northwestern server. Refer them to the administrator section at the top of this page for more information on how to do this.

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