Security: Abuse

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NOTE: If you are in danger or receive threatening e-mail, contact law enforcement and an attorney immediately, as well as taking other precautions to protect yourself.

Although "abuse" has become a commonly used address to report spam (i.e., this page refers to harassing messages, usually sent individually or to small groups, but I suppose someone could send a mass e-mail that is harassing, threatening, etc.

The type of messages could range from harmless (but annoying or harassing) to dangerous.

The message could be from: Steps to take:
  1. Contact law enforcement, an attorney, and take precautions.
  2. Follow the remaining instructions if law enforcement or your attorney advises you to do so.
  3. Save the message
  4. Use tools and info on the anti-spam page to trace the ISP used to send the message.
  5. If you complain to the ISP, they may warn or terminate the account.
  6. You may have to contact an attorney or law enforcement in order to compel the ISP to release the name of the account holder.

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