Anti-Spam Software

Windows client-side anti-spam software:
  • AntiSpam plugin for Pegasus
  • MailGoGoGo by Maki Enterprises
  • MailWasher "is a powerful email checker with effective spam elimination. It uses blacklists and filters to identify the spam allowing you to delete it from the server before downloading your mail. It also gives you the ability to view the entire header of the message giving you the ability to identify attachments before downloading them."
  • PostArmor is a Java package and works as a gateway between your mail client and the mail server.
  • Cloudmark SafetyBar (for Outlook and Outlook Express) saves you time and frustration by automatically stopping spam and empowering consumers and businesses to fight spam. The service is free and easy to use. Not only do you protect your own Inbox, but you also shield the entire community from spam each time you block a message. Help others and join SpamNet now.
  • SpamBuster by Contact Plus Corp. will delete spam from up to 12 POP accounts as well as allowing you to delete other messages based on header information.
  • SpamButcher "uses fuzzy logic to analyze messages for content popular with spammers. Its underlying database was created by automated and hand analysis of hundreds of thousand of spam and legitimate e-mails."
  • SpamEater by High Mountain Software has online update of its spammers list. It deletes mail from your POP account by comparing incoming messages with your acceptable address list and its known-spammer list.
  • SpamKiller by McAfee can check an unlimited number of POP accounts, and keeps copies of spam just in case.
  • SpamDeputy
  • Spamhilator is a free Bayesian spam filter that has gotten a good review from someone whose opinion I respect.
  • Spam Shredder from Webroot software will automatically configure for Eudora, Outlook Express, or Outlook, but works with other POP3 software as well.
  • SpamSource for Outlook 2000/XP. "SpamSource is a macro written for Outlook that copies the header and body of an Internet email message to the Windows clipboard. The primary use for SpamSource is to consolidate the information needed to combat unsolicited bulk email with services such as Spamcop.

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